Places of Interest


Yifitsin Print Books - owned by Malvolio Claxendell, managed by Samuel Quinine (linked to Yifitsin Print Books of Hove)

Back Room Bookshop - owned and managed by Dido Doolittle

The Pubs of Gwair

The Old Pull and Push - the most popular tavern frequented by local residents

The Snatcher on the Wye - a more discerning establishment, also offering hotel accomodation

Local tea rooms and cafes

The Gwair-on-Wye Market Cafe - serves afternoon teas and pastries

Frabjous Tea Rooms - village cafe owned by Wilfriede Organdy.

Educational and cultural establishments

Borders University - incorporating the Borders School of Blacksmithing

New Herefordshire Gallery of Beaux Arts - specialising in the work of Uriah Claxendell

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