What is the Hay Stack?

So what is the Hay Stack?  

Way back in the mists of time, there was a bizarre community of eccentrics that lived in a place that was not unlike Seven Dials in Hove.  Indeed the place was called Seven Dials, but it was not quite the same place. After riotous summer festivals, an intense civic war between the local convent and the demure neighbouring brothel, and finally the scandals around Prigentia Colswain (before her transmogrification) several of the discontented residents have, in search of tranquility, moved full-time or part-time to Gwair-on-Wye where they are setting up a branch of Yifitsin Print Books amidst the usual dischord. 

All this under the leadership of Malvolio Claxendell, who it appears is the author of this blog.

Previous adventures can be located at The Daily Coxix and the Daily Ciblog

"Awesome..." - Prigentia Colswain

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